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Dr. Rimler merges Holistic and Podiatric Medicine with an emphasis on foot biomechanics, utilizing a more natural way to treat foot problems with fewer side effects and enhanced benefits for the entire body.

  • One of the only Holistic Podiatrists in the country
  • Economical ‘customized orthotics’
  • Recommended organic diet and instruction in High Intensity Interval Training

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What is Thermography? Thermal imaging is a valuable body scan for the earliest detection of cellular activity. Non-invasive, no touch, radiation-free, painless, FDA registered and is a NASA technology. Great for finding pain and inflammation, full body or partial region. Read by a board certified radiologist. Watch for more and call Lisa to book! 954.882.4162 youtu.be/6Xl5To1vJY4We are proud to offer Thermography—a NASA technology that detects cancers, inflammation and other abnormalities before they even happen. With thermography sc... ... See MoreSee Less

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