Dr. Robert Fishman, P.D., Cn, Bs, C.P., RPH

Dr. Robert FishmanOver 35 years experience in Clinical Nutrition.
Specializing in BHRT & Clinical Nutrition.

Dr. Fishman was taught at Columbia University how to create new drugs and discover new concepts in the world of biochemistry and pharmacology.He is a Consultant Pharmacist, Clinical Nutritionist, and the founder of The Robert Fishman Institute for Training and Research. Dr. Fishman is a director of Medication Therapy Management Inc., a consulting company which works with physicians and patients to monitor drug, food and herbal interactions, and select the best medical and nutritional choices for patients to achieve overall wellness.

Dr. Robert Fishman with PatientDr. Fishman is past President of the Florida Pharmacy Association, the Florida Independent Pharmacy Association, and winner of many prestigious awards.

His motto is, “Always Think Outside the Box, because no two people are alike”.