GMO Free Food Consultations

Our food supply is saturated with GMO’s — Genetically Modified Organisms — and often times, you don’t even know when you are eating them since they aren’t labeled. In animal studies, GMO’s have been linked to infertility, gastrointestinal and immune problems, faulty insulin regulation and major changes in internal organs. Learn how to avoid GMO’s and protect yourself and your family from the dangers of GMO food by scheduling a consultation at The Wellness Center at Post Haste Pharmacy.

Trish Sheldon

Trish Sheldon supports her clients with Living GMO~Free Food Consultations at the Wellness Center.   Ms. Sheldon’s specialty is avoiding the at-risk ingredients and connecting clients with healthier, safer, food choices.  She will connect you with the local farms, and healthier restaurants & stores.  Trish has trained with Jeffrey Smith, Founder of the Institute for Responsible Technology, she comes to post haste as Co-founder of Gmo Free Florida where she is a public speaker and advocate in the field of GMO since 2010.  She also teaches the incoming health educators at Hippocrates Health Institute in WPB.

Have pain and inflammation? brain fog? gastrointestinal problems? Doctors cannot find the root cause?  Learn how to eat to avoid the at-risk food ingredients hidden in about 86% of processed packaged foods.  If you need more help, Trish will come to your home to help you go through your cabinets and fridge, help you go over labels and/or take you grocery shopping to show you how easy healthy eating can be!

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“Healthy living begins with GMO Free eating.”