Durable Medical Equipment

Post Haste Pharmacy carries a wide selection of Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and DME accessories for rental or purchase.

What’s Durable Medical Equipment?

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) refers to medical equipment and supplies that are designed for repeated use by patients or healthcare providers in a home or healthcare facility setting. DME is typically prescribed by a healthcare professional to aid in the treatment, monitoring, or management of various medical conditions.

Examples of durable medical equipment can include: Canes, crutches, commode chairs, hospital beds, and much more.

What We Offer

If you’re in need of any durable medical equipment or DME supplies or just have a question, a member of our staff is available to assist you today. Our knowledgeable staff will make getting the equipment you need an easy and pleasurable experience.

We carry a range of DME products from mobility aids to compression wear.
If you’re looking for a specific brand or replacement part, we can provide you with it.

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If you’re in need of DME for shorter periods of time we offer affordable rentals available for pickup in store.